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K Sos - Presents...Al Malink - New Vinyl Lp 2017 Licking Toads Pressing - Hip Hop


Recorded @ Chateau Sosa in Miami Shores, Florida, K Sos releases the next adventure from his hip hop collection, in honor of Miami innovator and curator, Al Malnik. K Sos spent six years working at Malnik's famed restaurant almost 50 years in existence. From 26 selections, just 10 were picked for what Sos calls his best effort yet. Released January, 23rd 2017. Production credits can be found @ Original artwork by Nick Beery.


Side A:

1. Roll Up

2. Skyline

3. No Pressure

4. Mood

5. Oh Hey Love

Side B:

6. Keep A Secret

7. Alive Again

8. This is the Life

9. F.D.A.

10. Bad Blood