King Gizzard Polygondwanaland clear vinyl with glowing skull slipmat

Various / Adan Jodorowsky - Endless Poetry / Poesia Sin Fin (Original Motion Picture) - New Vinyl 2017 ABKCO Records Pressing - Soundtrack

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Street Date: 12/15/17


The soundtrack from Alejandro Jodorowsky's latest biopic recalling his early years of evolving from a puppeteer into a poet, featuring original music composed by his son, Adan Jodorowsky.


Track Listing

1. Adan Jodorowsky - Matucana
2. Adan Jodorowsky - Verde (Green)
3. Jon Handelsman - Gateau et violon (Gateau And Violin)
4. Jon Handelsman - Cadeau (Gift)
5. Adan Jodorowsky - Maricon (Faggot)
6. Adan Jodorowsky - Hermanas cereceda (Sisters Cereceda)
7. Adan Jodorowsky - Ricardo y Alejandrito Beso (Ricardo And Alejandrito Kiss)
8. Adan Jodorowsky - Diablo al alma (Devil To The Soul)
9. Adan Jodorowsky - Robo a la luz de la luna (Theft In The Light Of The Moon)
10. Adan Jodorowsky - Café Iris Street
11. Adan Jodorowsky - Stella and Alejandro
12. Adan Jodorowsky - Los mineros (The Miners)
13. Adan Jodorowsky - Ya no soy virgen (I'm Not A Virgin Anymore)
14. Adan Jodorowsky - God Doesn't Exist
15. Adan Jodorowsky - Casa de enrique (Enrique's House)
16. Alejandro Jodorowsky - Los mendigos sagrados (The Holy Beggars)
17. Adan Jodorowsky - Me voy (I'm Going)
18. Jon Handelsman - Si jamais (If Ever)
19. Jon Handelsman - Sueño sin fin (Endless Dream)