Shuga Records Multi-tone Chicago compilation

Dave Depper (Death Cab for Cutie) - Emotional Freedom Technique - New Vinyl 2017 Tender Loving Empire Crystal-Clear LP + Download - Indie Pop / Rock


Street Date 06/09/17

Straddling the line between pop and despair, Emotional Freedom Technique is a letter to the broken heart that won’t mend but still beats. It is a portrait of what happens when someone is flung across the world on tour - grateful to be there, grateful for the success and the adventures, but ultimately lonely. Because the songs were so deeply personal, Depper decided to record them in his home, playing every instrument. For a record centered around the self-doubt and discovery in the depths of isolation, Emotional Freedom Technique is the light at the sharp corner of a shadow. It is disco music for after 3 AM, for the walk home to an empty house. Notably, while the record is cohesive in theme and sound, its identity is multi-faceted. The most straightforward pop song, “Your Voice on the Radio”, features friend and former bandmate Laura Gibson adding vocals about unrealized and unsatisfied love over bubbling bass and sparkling, multiplying shakers and synths that build to a deceptively joyous chorus. Songs like “Do You Want Love” and “Communication” lean forward on cutting deep, propulsive grooves, while “EZ-101” casts ambient glitter while Depper sings, not sadly and not happily, but starkly. Grappling with loneliness, the longing for human connection and the fear thereof, Depper strings ornate synth melodies together into simple hooks that speak to the most relatable reasons we listen to pop music - to remember we aren’t alone, and to still have a good time with it.



Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A Side B
01 Do You Want Love?
02 Communication
03 Lonely With You
04 Your Voice On The Radio (feat. Laura Gibson)
01 Never Worked So Hard
02 Anytime, Anywhere
03 EZ-101
04 Summer Days
05 Hindsight / Emotional Freedom Technique