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Dusty Patches - Filthy Four Track Machine - New Cassette 2018 Sooper Records Purp Tape (100 Made) - Electronic / Glitch Hop (FFO: Prefuse 73, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya)


Released by Sooper Records. Cassette tape professionally dubbed on high performance Chrome Plus tape featuring uniform output between 50 Hz and 20kHz. Purple cassette shells with double-sided machine printed yellow imprint. Three panel full-color J card professionally printed, scored, and cut. Includes digital download card. 


1 How to Relax
2 Feeling Detuned
3 Nostalgic Sundae
4 In the Dark
Featuring – Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Tatyana Gaona
5 Infamous Hat
6 Journey Into the Mind of a Serial Onanist
7 Bumblebee
8 Miho
9 Spaceshifter
10 Understand
11 Triangulate
12 Sesquialtera
13 Frenetic Tap
14 Adrenochrome
15 Annihilistic Healing
16 Coasting On Good Looks
17 GoodLooks v2.0
18 Gelatin Typewriter


  • Artwork [Handmade collage] – Kevin Kurecki
  • Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By – Dusty Patches


Created almost entirely on an OP-1, this is the debut release of Dusty Patches.


released February 5, 2018 

Produced by Patrick Mitchell 
Handmade collage by Kevin Kurecki