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White Wizzard ‎– Infernal Overdrive - New Vinyl 2018 M-Theory Audio 2LP Pressing on Orange/Black Vinyl with Gatefold Jacket and Download (Limited to 400!) - Metal


Street Date: 1/12/18

The New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal might not be “new” anymore, but one act has always flown its flag high and proud – the American band WHITE WIZZARD. The group, founded a decade ago by bassist Jon Leon, has won over fans around the globe with potent heavy metal that builds on the timeless work of genre pioneers such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Diamond Head. In 2018, the group returns with their fourth album (and M-Theory Audio debut), “Infernal Overdrive,” which marks the return of vocalist Wyatt “Screaming Demon” Anderson and original guitarist James J. LaRue.


WHITE WIZZARD are recognized as one of the first bands to bring back classic/traditional heavy metal via 2009's “High Speed GTO” EP, which Metal Hammer referred to as a “fun blast of NWOBHM-centric metal.” Since then, the band has released three acclaimed full-length albums on Earache Records and toured across the US, Europe and Japan. Now, with “Infernal Overdrive,” produced by Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, UFO, Flotsam and Jetsam), the group is firing on all cylinders like never before. The album is over an hour long and captures all the ingredients of past WHITE WIZZARD work but expands upon the template with seasoned maturity, outstanding musicianship and a widening of influences including ‘70s hard rock and progressive rock/metal.


A1 Infernal Overdrive
A2 Storm The Shores
A3 Pretty May
B1 Chasing Dragons
B2 Voyage Of The Wolf Raiders
C1 Critical Mass
C2 Cocoon
D1 Metamorphosis
D2 The Illusion's Tears



Limited edition orange/black vinyl (400 copies).