Expulsion - Nightmare Future - New Vinyl Record 2017 Relapse Pressing with Download - Death Metal


Street Date: 7/14/17

Old school death metal is in the midst of a resurgence – and has been for quite some time now. This is great news for metalheads who are just discovering the deep, dark rabbit hole of death metal, and even better news for the purists who despise all the qualities that modern death metal has brought with it (i.e. crystal clear production, too much musical wankery, etc.) Expulsion is the antithesis of modern death metal, instead opting to imitate the OG style of the '80s to a tee. And how could they not? A supergroup comprised of true veterans of the death metal and grindcore scenes, the name Expulsion is a clever amalgram of two of its members main projects: Exhumed, and a little band called Repulsion.