King Gizzard Polygondwanaland clear vinyl with glowing skull slipmat

CKY ‎– The Phoenix - New Vinyl 2017 Entertainment One Pressing - Hard Rock / Metal


Street Date: 7/14/17

Once upon a time, CKY burned it all down, with a raucous, anarchic, hard rock sound soaked in the skate-punk culture that birthed them and a hard-partying lifestyle onstage and off that decimated relationships and reputations in its wake. Now, CKY rises from the ashes of the aftermath with The Phoenix, a bold mission statement that hoists the flag high for big, raw, authentic, earth shaking rock n’ roll, liberated from useless pretense. The Phoenix touches on anger, revenge, good versus evil, desperation, recovery, growth, knowledge, survival, enemies, friends, and more. There’s heavy, dark, signature CKY grooves, “fun shit,” “fancy shit,” driving and almost danceable stuff, big melodies, total ear candy, immense diversity… There are even parts that sound like maybe Quincy Jones was given the keys to Rancho De La Luna and just ran amok with the dudes in CKY.


Replaceable 3:10
Days of Self Destruction 4:01
Unknown Enemy 3:44
Head for a Breakdown 4:20
The Other Ones 3:15
Wiping Off the Dead 3:59
Lies from You 3:42
Better Than Get Even 4:41