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Baptists ‎– Beacon Of Faith - New Vinyl Lp 2018 Southern Lord Pressing with Gatefold Jacket and Download - Hardcore / Punk


Beacon Of Faith broadly follows the same trajectory as the album’s predecessors, Bushcraft (2013) and Bloodmines (2014) - combining raw adrenaline-fuelled emotion, venomous vocal delivery, gigantic guitar sound, and a visceral rhythmic propulsion - a sonic manifestation of desolate rage, bolstered by a palpable sense of urgency.


Beacon Of Faith is densely-packed yet Baptists’ sound is far from claustrophobic, there is melody amongst the dissonance, as the band more deeply explore the noise rock vistas that have always underpinned their sound.



1 Worse Than Hate
2 Absolve Of Life / Spent Cells
3 Beacon Of Faith
4 Gift Taker
5 Capsule
6 Outbreeding
7 Vicarious Trauma
8 Victim Service
9 Indigo Child
10 Eulogy Template
11 Bevel Down
12 Carbide
13 Nostrovia