King Gizzard Polygondwanaland clear vinyl with glowing skull slipmat

Angry Gods ‎– The Clearing - New Vinyl 2016 Hip Kids Records First Pressing on Black Vinyl (Limited to 330!) - Chicago, IL Hardcore / Sludge Metal


Long-awaited nine song full length from Chicago's ANGRY GODS. A true amalgamation of the band's past work and then some, The Clearing seamlessly melds hardcore, metal, sludge, doom, d-beat, and all the rest into one crushing LP. Honing their craft over a demo and two EPs, we finally get ANGRY GODS on the format that suits them best.


A1 Endless Circle
A2 Fade Out
A3 Undertow
A4 Go Forth In Ruin
A5 Fixed Position
B1 Slow Burn
B2 Focal Point
B3 Marshfield
B4 Greyscale


First press limited to 330 copies.