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Vesper years shuga records limited edition signed and numbered color vinyl

Spotlights - Hanging By Faith - New Vinyl 2018 Ipecac Limited Edition 12" on White Vinyl with Download - Post-Rock / Doomgaze / Sludge


Street Date: 6/15/18

Features four remixes of tracks from the "Seismic" album, plus a cover of The Cure's "Faith". Available only on digital and limited-edition Vinyl LP


  1. The Hanging (Hang Us All) Kris Dirksen Remix
  2. Till Darkness Comes Out (Ghost Of A Glowing Forest) Mario Quintero Remix
  3. Sudden Violent Movement (Seismic) Aaron Harris Remix
  4. I've Giant (The Size Of The Planet) Void Manes Remix
  5. Faith