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Moodyman - Dj-Kicks - New 2016 Record LP Black Vinyl - Downtempo / Deep House / Soul

Moodyman - Dj-Kicks - New 2016 Record LP Black Vinyl - Downtempo / Deep House / Soul

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Following a year that saw the 50th entry in the long-running series
released to wide acclaim, DJ-Kicks returns in 2016 another landmark
edition. Iconic Detroit DJ and producer Moodymann is at the helm for his
first ever multi-artist DJ mix compilation. Born Kenny Dixon Jr., Moodymann
is a one-of-a-kind electronic music icon, hailing from, and wholly
synonymous with the Motor City. He is an outspoken, impossibly charismatic
artist who has been putting a distinctive and soulful stamp on
house and techno since the early 90s. Melting together jazz, funk, soul,
blues and rock in captivating ways, he is responsible for some of electronic
music’s most definitive tracks, EPs and LPs on labels like Planet E,
Peacefrog and his own KDJ and Mahogani Music imprints. As able to
serve up the sweetest and most sensual sounds as he is the darkest and
most depraved grooves, his own unique voice and stream of conscious
musings infuse expertly sought-out samples for music that is decisively
alive and authentic. Across 75 minutes and 30 tracks, Moodymann does not disappoint:
despite being a notorious vinyl fetishist, Dixon’s aim is to present music
of quality, not to one-up fellow collectors. Rather than serving up
ridiculously rare or hard-to-find records, he instead focuses on creating a
libidinous, blues-drenched mood that takes in heart-breaking soul,
gorgeous hip-hop and love-fuelled house. In addition to cuts from his own
creative circle, the mix features 11 exclusive Moodymann edits. Like
everything Kenny Dixon Jr. touches, DJ-Kicks showcases the taste, skill,
and soul of a dance music original.