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Magic Sword - Volume 1 - New Vinyl 2 Lp 2019 Tender Loving Empire Repressing with Comic Book and Download - Electro / Synthwave


Street Date: 1/11/19

Magic Sword is a secret electronic act – no one knows who they are or where they're from. They play in masks and cloaks and completely annihilate any audience in their path. Often likened to the soundtrack of Blade Runner, their epic, industrial ballads pair perfectly with the comic book counterpart which delivers as a digibook alongside the album. The comic further explains what is know about the legend of the Magic Sword.



The Beginning 6:11
Sword Of Truth 6:05
The Way Home 4:15
Kill Them All 2:07
In The Face Of Evil 6:49
Only Way In 5:30
Reflection 3:20
Retrogram 5:08
Discover 5:00
Memories In Shadow 4:24
Battlefield 4:16
Infinite 5:01
Journey's End 4:26